SELECT4ME March – Tribute

Our second SELECT4ME feature this month, is a tribute post to the founder and owner of Essence of Vitality – Dr. Harry Donkor. Dr. Harry Donkor shared his extensive knowledge in herbs and natural remedies for treating all ailments known to man through the creation of this company Essence of Vitality. It was through his passion, vision, and love for mankind that gave him the inspiration to take the knowledge passed down from the elders in his family to create two of the most potent herbal detoxes in the market today – Universal Mind Herbal & Roots Tonic, and later Essence of Vitality Herbal Tonic. His ultimate goal was to see the world healthy, abundant, and people living a fruitful life. Below, is the family crest of the Donkor line, that means “God’s Promise,” that has been part of the all the logos in every product by Essence of Vitality.


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