As the end of May starts to approach us, making us one step closer to the summer time and the beautiful weather accompanied by the longer days; ask yourself this – with next month being at the halfway mark of 2019, are you content in your space? Is your mind at ease? Or do you feel that there are more “renovations,” for you to work on in your lifestyle? Whether it’s dusting off that notebook containing an ongoing business plan; applying for that promotion at your 9-5; getting into more healthy activities and fitness; or spending more time with family, just remember change is not limited to begin on January 1 and time waits on no man.  Our SELECT4ME feature for the month of May comes from one of our co-owners, Yasmin Donkor, who represented Essence of Vitality in an article feature via YoyageATL that we were so humbly asked to be a part of.  We hope reading this article feature will provide a closer look inside to what makes Essence of Vitality, and our vision to be of service to all of humanity.  To access full article feature, visit . On the site, you can find it in the Thought-Provokers series at the midway down of the homepage as part of the Downtown collection.

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