It’s almost one week into the summer solstice and six more months of 2019 remain – as we realign ourselves for July, take time to not only focus on the external factors of your life – work, school, bills, etc; but also take time to tend to your internal – your peace of mind, your body’s wellness, and feeding light and love into your soul. Regardless of any beliefs you may have, we are all currently responsible for THIS life we are living and how we make of it. It is so easy to get caught up with the things happening in front of us, that our self-care often gets pushed to the back. To also bring light on families, we would like to wish all dads around the world a very (belated) Happy Father’s Day.  Mother’s give life to us and nurture us, but fathers also provide an equal and pivotal role as mothers do. They provide for us, protect  us, build us, teach us, and show an amazing amount of devotion and love towards us. We want all dads to know that we appreciate you, not just on one day out of every year, but all the time.dad1.jpg

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