As the end of May starts to approach us, making us one step closer to the summer time and the beautiful weather accompanied by the longer days; ask yourself this – with next month being at the halfway mark of 2019, are you content in your space? Is your mind at ease? Or do you feel that there are more “renovations,” for you to work on in your lifestyle? Whether it’s dusting off that notebook containing an ongoing business plan; applying for that promotion at your 9-5; getting into more healthy activities and fitness; or spending more time with family, just remember change is not limited to begin on January 1 and time waits on no man.  Our SELECT4ME feature for the month of May comes from one of our co-owners, Yasmin Donkor, who represented Essence of Vitality in an article feature via YoyageATL that we were so humbly asked to be a part of.  We hope reading this article feature will provide a closer look inside to what makes Essence of Vitality, and our vision to be of service to all of humanity.  To access full article feature, visit . On the site, you can find it in the Thought-Provokers series at the midway down of the homepage as part of the Downtown collection.


Our second SELECT4ME feature for the month of April is for our eager spring cleaners.  Cleanliness is next to godliness as many would say, and as most of us enjoy a pristine and healthy home environment, we are also mindful on how harsh and toxic many familiar cleaning products are that are so common in households (bleach, glass cleaners, disinfectants, etc).  Well not to worry – we have some vegan-friendly cleaning tips to share with out EOV community from WellVegan that includes DIY all-purpose cleaners using a white vinegar base and salt; a no-streak glass cleaner using a combination of white vinegar, corn starch, and warm water; and even one to use as a natural furniture polish with a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and water!  There is also a select list of vegan cleaning product brands such as Dr, Bronner’s and Mrs. Meyer’s with the locations that have these products for sale. For more information, visit the link below with the image.

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I’m sure you are all familiar with the saying,  “April showers, brings May flowers,” but what will May flowers bring next month? Hopefully peace and unity within our communities.  In light of the recent tragedies and losses within our communities, we at Essence of Vitality had delayed the publication of the SELECT4ME April edition to take time to reflect on the world around us and to pray for those who are suffering both mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Violence is never the answer and one will never find peace while inflicting pain onto others. Our first SELECT4ME feature comes from the West Coast side of the country, based in Los Angeles, California, Vector90. Vector90 is a co-working space that is also a cultural hub and incubator for entrepreneurs and creative minds that offer both private and shared work spaces. With amenities such as creative communal areas, commercial grade IT and business services, and so much more – Vector90 is a gem for both start-up and established businesses.

Image owned by Vector90 – for more information, visit

SELECT4ME March – Tribute

Our second SELECT4ME feature this month, is a tribute post to the founder and owner of Essence of Vitality – Dr. Harry Donkor. Dr. Harry Donkor shared his extensive knowledge in herbs and natural remedies for treating all ailments known to man through the creation of this company Essence of Vitality. It was through his passion, vision, and love for mankind that gave him the inspiration to take the knowledge passed down from the elders in his family to create two of the most potent herbal detoxes in the market today – Universal Mind Herbal & Roots Tonic, and later Essence of Vitality Herbal Tonic. His ultimate goal was to see the world healthy, abundant, and people living a fruitful life. Below, is the family crest of the Donkor line, that means “God’s Promise,” that has been part of the all the logos in every product by Essence of Vitality.



In the season of March madness and with Spring just 16 days around the corner, we hope you are looking forward to discovering fresh tips, new knowledge, and new beginnings as the new season approaches. Our SELECT4ME favorite for March is something light and simple, that is a rising household dish favorite – spaghetti noodles (or Zoodles like many such as Culinary Scientist and author Jessica Gavin (IG: jessica_gavin), who’s picture of this delicious arrangement of zucchini noodles is displayed here from her IG page). Zucchini noodles are not just easy to make, delicious, gluten-free, and vegan approved, but it’s also a universal pair-buddy with other veggie items and dishes. Here at Essence of Vitality, we enjoy our zucchini noodles best slightly sautéed in Avocado oil and topped off with chia seeds. If having raw we suggest adding along cherry tomatoes into the mix. zuchinni